About IDM Pharmacy


Our goal is to serve and give back to the community by providing high-quality pharmacy services rooted in expert knowledge and best technology practices.

IDM Pharmacy is an established provider of first-rate pharmaceutical services in Redford, Michigan. We are proudly serving the areas of Redford and its surrounding communities. We are an independently-owned pharmacy center, licensed and recognized by the state of Michigan.

Our pharmacy has a commitment to extend our reach to our clients through online e-services for fast and efficient response to pharmacy orders, deliver a personal kind of care to guide clients in making sensible decisions for a variety of their healthcare purposes, and monitor the delivery of services to ensure safety.

We give our clients the peace of mind knowing that we have tested years of experience in the field of prescription and medication management. Throughout these years, we are able to congregate and transform this experience into a solid portfolio of programs, anchored on the needs of clients and their very own inputs and feedback.

Providing your medications and your needed medical supplies are just one of the many parts we can help you with. Contact us now.